Interactive Gloves

The Bend Sensor® is being used in numerous interactive glove applications in both the medical and gaming fields.  The sensor gives immediate feedback to hand movement.  In November 2009 the Bend Sensor® technology was featured in a study by the University of Rome Tor Vergeta, using an interactive glove, and was recommended as a possible tool to assist doctors in neuroscience studies to determine a patient’s level of monitor skill or post -surgical evaluation and therapy or for assisting the disabled. (See http://www.hiteg.uniroma2.it/). Due to the ability of the sensor to measure range of motion the study also recommends using the Bend Sensor® technology as a tool to design ergonomic devices. The University has continued its research and has identified additional medical applications of our sensors.

The Flexpoint Bend Sensor was also included in a study of potential means of Design Considerations for a Wearable Monitor to Measure Finger Posture featured in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation.  The Flexpoint Bend Sensor® was the most reliable and repeatable of the sensors tested.

(See http://www.jneuroengrehab.com/content/2/1/5)

Mettis Trainer™

The Mettis Trainer™ is an innovative shoe insert system that captures and displays running performance information on a smartphone. Each insert has three Bend Sensors™, one in the heel area, one on the lateral side of the foot and one on the medial side of the foot. Each sensor reads independently and will tell you when each area of your foot strikes and what percentage of pressure that area of your foot absorbs. The hardware in the insert will then immediately send that information to your portable device for REAL TIME feedback.

Because of the Bend Sensor™, the Mettis Trainer™ System is an amazing improvement on an existing concept for body performance biofeedback at an affordable cost. The Mettis Trainer™ takes this concept several steps further, with a shoe insert that communicates with your smartphone and other wireless devices to capture real time analysis for balance and performance information while running, on the course or on the field of play. The Mettis Trainers™ versatility also allows performance information capture in a controlled lab or practice facility. Now you can simply take the lab with you.