Interactive Gloves

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Interactive Gloves

The Bend Sensor® is being used in numerous interactive glove applications in both the medical and gaming fields.  The sensor gives immediate feedback to hand movement.  In November 2009 the Bend Sensor® technology was featured in a study by the University of Rome Tor Vergeta, using an interactive glove, and was recommended as a possible tool to assist doctors in neuroscience studies to determine a patient’s level of monitor skill or post -surgical evaluation and therapy or for assisting the disabled. (See Due to the ability of the sensor to measure range of motion the study also recommends using the Bend Sensor® technology as a tool to design ergonomic devices. The University has continued its research and has identified additional medical applications of our sensors.

The Flexpoint Bend Sensor was also included in a study of potential means of Design Considerations for a Wearable Monitor to Measure Finger Posturefeatured in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation.  The Flexpoint Bend Sensor® was the most reliable and repeatable of the sensors tested.


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