USB Glove Kit

USB Glove Kit



The kit contains 5 bend dual segment bend sensors. There are 3 longer Bend Sensors® and 2 shorter Bend Sensors®. The 3 longer sensors are for the index, middle and ring fingers, the 2 shorter sensors are for the thumb and pinky finger. The Bend Sensor® performs best when it increases with resistance when bent. To achieve this, place the sensor on the finger with the text readable from the top. If the text is backwards then the sensor is upside down (refer to image above).




The Flexpoint Bend Sensor® is a unique sensor that changes in resistance when it is bent. One of the most common applications for the Bend Sensor® are glove applications. Integrating the sensor into your application is not necessary trivial, therefore Flexpoint has developed the Bend Sensor® Glove kit as an easy to use demonstration on how to integrate the sensor into a VR system. The kit digitizes the analog signals of the Bend Sensor®, accelerometer and magnetometer to a graphical view on a PC. The Glove Kit Software must be downloaded and installed to display the position of fingers and orientation of the hand. All the schematics, firmware and software are provided for use in your own project. Below are the steps to install and use the kit.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 0.25 in

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