Flexpoint's patent pending BATTERY EXPANSION SENSOR or BXS, is designed to detect and stop a Lithium ion or Lithium Polymer battery from charging or discharging, preventing a thermal runway; one of the major ways battery fires occur.


Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries are used today in everything from phones to electric cars. Flexpoint’s patent pending technology protects these batteries, their products and those who use them every day, measuring the expansion or swelling of the battery effectively stopping a potentially dangerous state.



Batteries become over heated, over charged, or simply fail due to old age. When this occurs, it’s
possible for the inner cells of the battery to outgas a flammable electrolyte mixture, causing the battery to swell. The Flexpoint Sensor addresses the swollen battery effect, as batteries are designed to contain as a failsafe the measure of out gassing. The Flexpoint Swell Sensor detects the condition, effectively shutting down the short circuit.  Without this type of detection, some batteries can eventually reach temperatures over 1000º F.

As the public becomes more and more dependent on portable devices with rechargeable batteries,

Flexpoint believes this low-cost reliable solution that can handle even the harshest environments, will save lives and prevent injury.

For more information or to learn how the BXS can monitor the battery of you particular product, call us today.